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CfP: Third Chicago Financial Institutions Conference, Chicago, April 5-6, 2018

The third annual Chicago Financial Institutions Conference will take place in downtown Chicago on April 5-6, 2018.
The call for papers is open and the submission deadline is October 30.  The full call for papers can be found here on SSRN:
Papers can be submitted by email to
This gathering will build on the success of our 2017 conference, which brought together 36 papers for a uniquely curated conference on financial institutions.  We are pleased to continue building on the long tradition of a spring banking conference here in Chicago.
As in previous years, we welcome submissions of high-quality research on all topics related to financial institutions. A list of possible session topics includes, but is not limited to, the theory of financial intermediation; financial sector performance and risk; market-making institutions; banking and the real economy; syndicated lending and securitization; fintech; central banks and monetary policy; relationship lending and small business finance; consumer finance and payment systems; financial crises and systemic risk; governance of financial institutions; international banking; and financial regulation.
Advisory Committee:
Allen Berger – University of South Carolina
Charles Calomiris – Columbia University
Robert DeYoung – University of Kansas
Mark Flannery – University of Florida 
Iftekhar Hasan – Fordham University 
Joseph Haubrich – Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Randall Kroszner – University of Chicago
Steven Ongena – University of Zurich
Greg Udell – Indiana University
Larry Wall – Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
The conference will be preceded by a risk management conference with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on April 4.  We believe the combination of these conferences offers a unique opportunity to connect academic and practitioner perspectives.

David Lopez-Salido elected as inaugural Director of Monetary Policy and Macro Finance research program

Dear Members of the Central Bank Research Association,

Earlier this year, we announced our plans to launch a Research Program on the topic of “Monetary Policy and Macro Finance” (MPMF), which will bring together researchers with interests in the intersection of macroeconomics, monetary policy, and financial stability.

The MPMF program is launched by an exclusive founding committee consisting of Tobias Adrian, Alan Blinder, Claudio Borio, Markus K. Brunnermeier, James Bullard, Piti Disyatat, Hans Genberg, Seppo Honkapohja, Athanasios Orphanides, Frank Smets, John Taylor, Kazuo Ueda, and John Williams.

I am happy to announce that the founding committee has elected David Lopez-Salido as the Director of the MPMF program, who has accepted to serve in this position.

David combines experience in policy institutions on both sides of the Atlantic with a wide body of policy-relevant and outstanding research on macroeconomics, monetary policy and the interaction of monetary policy and financial stability.

He is currently an Associate Director in the Division of Monetary Affairs of the Federal Reserve Board, having previously held positions at the Research Department of the Bank of Spain, as well as a visitor positions at the ECB, the Bank of England, the Bank of Finland, NYU and Stanford University. He holds a PhD from CEMFI, Madrid.

He has an extensive list of publications in top academic journals including the American Economic Review, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Review of Economic Studies, the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, the Journal of Monetary Economics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, and the Journal of the European Economic Association among others. Currently, his publications have received over 8000 citations in Google scholar.

David will join Fabio Ghironi (Director of the ITM Program) and Galina Hale (Director of the IFM program) as CEBRA’s third program Director.  We all look forward to working with David.

Together with the MPMF founding committee and David, we will now proceed to elect the Advisory Committee supporting this program and we will start working on the first MPMF Annual Conference.


With kind regards,

Raphael Auer

President of the Central Bank Research Association

Program – CEBRA Workshop for Commodities and Macroeconomics, September 28-29, 2017, Federal Reserve Board, Washington.

CEBRA Workshop for Commodities and Macroeconomics

Thursday and Friday, September 28-29, 2017

Hosted by the Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC, USA

The Federal Reserve Board hosts a CEBRA workshop for Commodities and Macroeconomics in Washington DC on September 28‐29, 2017. The workshop will focus on the broad economic implications of commodity markets, including aspect of the economics of commodities (including energy, metals, and agricultural products) and their interaction with the broader economy.

Scientific committee: Martin Bodenstein, Deepa Datta, Benjamin Johannsen, Maria Tito, and Robert Vigfusson

Access the PDF of the program here.

CEBRA FRB Commodity Conference Agenda

Program: 2017 IFM Conference, “Fragmentation of International Trade and Finance and Risks from Rising Protectionism”, Bank of England, London, 19-20 October

The preliminary program of the 2017 annual conference of the International Finance and Macroeconomics Program on the topic of “Fragmentation of International Trade and Finance and Risks from Rising Protectionism” is now available.  The event is hosted by the Bank of England and takes place on October 19-20 in London.

The pdf of the program can be accessed here (UPDATED on 17.09.2017).

Program_CEBRA – BOE IFM annual meeting_Preliminary_v2

Program: 2017 ITM Conference, “Rethinking Competitiveness, Structural Reforms, and Macro Policy,” Bank of Italy, Rome, 5-6 October

The final program of the 2017 annual conference of the International Trade and Macroeconomics Program on the topic of  “Rethinking Competitiveness, Structural Reforms, and Macro Policy” is now available.  The event is hosted by the Bank of Italy and takes place on October 5-6 in Rome.

The pdf of the program can be accessed here.

ITM Rome October 5_6

Call: ECB/CBRT Conference on “Productivity and Sectoral Reallocation,” Izmir, 6 October 2017.

Access the call here.

Fifth ECB/CBRT Conference

“Productivity and Sectoral Reallocation”

Izmir, 6 October 2017

A multi-sectoral viewpoint in macroeconomics considers, among other things, the process of structural transformation, that is, the reallocation of economic activity across sectors. This perspective has recently gained substantial importance as global productivity growth keeps slowing down and allocation of economic activity from the manufacturing sector to services becomes more visible and eventually unavoidable, also in emerging countries, such as China. Developing a better understanding of the link between productivity and sectoral reallocation should help to shed light on potential future growth and on the policy options to sustain growth.

The Conference

The annual conference, the fifth in a series organised jointly by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) and the European Central Bank (ECB), aims to take stock of the advancement in the theoretical literature and to review empirical applications that are relevant to the work of policymakers.

Organising Committee

Filippo di Mauro (National University of Singapore), Livio Stracca (ECB) and Semih Tümen (CBRT).


We welcome contributions on:

  • productivity and sectoral allocation
  • endogenous labour supply and structural transformation
  • the role of services and intangibles in productivity dynamics
  • the importance of the quality of institutions for different sectors
  • sectoral reallocation and income inequality
  • policies to enhance productivity and reduce the inefficiencies associated with sectoral reallocation

Keynote Speaker

Professor Andrei Levchenko, University of Michigan, will give a keynote speech at the conference.


Please submit full papers or extended abstracts to by 30 June 2017. Authors will be notified whether their papers have been accepted by 15 July 2017.


Please address any queries you may have to one of the following organisers:


RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMS, Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research

Access the call here

The Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research (HKIMR) accepts applications for positions as  visiting Research Fellow on an ongoing and highly competitive basis under the two following programmes.

The HKIMR offers an attractive remuneration package, including travel and accommodation allowances. If you are interested and meet the specific requirements, please email a proposal of 3-5 pages together with your curriculum vita to Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research ( The Council of Advisors reviews proposals on a quarterly basis. Since the Council frequently requests clarifications of the proposed projects, applicants need to apply well in advance of their desired dates of visit.