Joint BOE, ECB, CEPR and CFM conference: Credit Dynamics and the Macroeconomy
Credit market dynamics have increasingly influenced macroeconomic developments in recent years. Notably, since the start of the recent Great Recession, credit markets have been a major source of macroeconomic disturbances as well as being important in the transmission of shocks originating elsewhere.

Given the likely fundamental changes that credit dynamics has seen in relation to the macroeconomy in recent years, a reassessment of the theoretical and empirical modelling of the links between credit and macroeconomic variables is warranted. This conference will bring together policymakers and academics interested in these issues. We welcome submissions of theoretical and empirical papers on the topic, particularly those that focus on the following issues:

the implications of the crisis for analysing the role of credit in the macroeconomy, including the bank lending channel before, during and after the crisis
empirical studies on the driving forces of credit and channels of transmission of credit shocks, including micro‐data studies
recent modelling advances in both theoretical (e.g. DSGE) and empirical models, with special focus on the banking sector
theoretical and empirical analysis of the recent financial crisis in a global and historical perspective.
Participation as keynote speakers has been confirmed by:

Simon Gilchrist (Boston University)
Anil Kashyap (Chicago Booth School of Business)
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton University and CEPR)

We welcome submissions of suitably related theoretical and empirical work, especially using UK or Euro Area data.

The deadline for applying is 14 August 2015.

Please email your paper and the application form included in the attached call for papers to Nadine Clarke at Authors of successful submissions and accepted participants will be notified by 14 September 2015 at the latest.