„#CEBRA20 – Session 17 Monetary Policy, Frameworks and Communication, organized by the CfM at LSE“

This session was organized by the Center for Macroeconomics at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.

Parallel Session 1: Monetary Policy, Frameworks and Communication, Session 17: The Future of Inflation Targeting

Chair: Ricardo Reis (LSE) ,Wouter Den Haan (LSE)


Olivier Loisel (CREST) „A Model of Post-2008 Monetary Policy“ by Behzad Diba & Olivier Loisel

Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po and CEPR) „Public Liquidity Demand and Central Bank Independence“ by Jean Barthélemy, Eric Menges & Guillaume Plantin

Donghai Zhang (University of Bonn) „Information Frictions, Monetary Policy, and the Paradox of Price Flexibility“ by Shengliang Ou, Donghai Zhang & Renbin Zhang

Stéphane Dupraz (Banque de France) „A Pitfall of Cautiousness in Monetary Policy“ by Stéphane Dupraz, Sophie Guilloux-Nefussi & Adrian Penalver