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Program – Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy, October 1-2 2020 – Annual Meeting of CEBRA’s IFM Program

Access the program (pdf) here.

To register for the meeting, send an email to with the subject line “CEBRA IFM registration” before September 20, 2020. Please include your name, affiliation and email address. A link to the meeting will be sent a few days before the meeting.

2020 CEBRA's IFM Annual Meeting – Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy


CEBRA’s 2020 annual meeting will be held fully virtually via Cvent and Zoom from September 1st to 3rdPlease register here.

The meeting will commence on Tuesday, 01 Sept, 13.30-18.30 (London time) with a high-level policy discussion on Central Bank Digital Currencies, Payments Systems, and the Future of the International Money and Financial System. Panelists include: Gita Gopinath (IMF), Philip Lane (ECB), Ricardo Reis (LSE), Hélène Rey (LBS), Hyun-Song Shin (BIS), and Andrès Velasco (LSE). Minouche Shafik (LSE) will deliver welcome remarks.

On Wednesday & Thursday 02-03 Sept, from 11.00-19.15 (London time), the main conference takes place and features 36 contributed sessions and a poster sessions on a wide variety of policy-relevant topics, assembled from over high-quality 700 submission. The scientific committee is chaired by Charlie Bean (LSE), Michael Kumhof (BoE), and Ricardo Reis (LSE).

The full academic program can be accessed here. On the afternoon of Wednesday September 2nd, Ben Broadbent (BoE) will deliver a keynote talk, and the Bank of England will further organize a high level policy panel chaired by Andrew Haldane (BoE).

The registration fee is:

  • Free for active participants (session chairs, presenters, and discussants) and CEBRA’s officers         
  • Free for all staff affiliated with a central bank sponsoring the annual meeting         
  • UKP 5 for students and members of CEBRA         
  • UKP 80 for all others 

The number of registrations is limited and allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

Webinar Series on Macroeconomics and Finance, every Wednesday at 11.30-13.00 EST/Santiago time

Dear Colleague,                                                                                                                       

The Central Bank of Chile would like to invite you to attend our Webinar Series on Macroeconomics and Finance. We are aiming to have a webinar every Wednesday at 11.30-13.00 EST/Santiago time. See below the current status of our calendar and instructions on how to attend. We are giving priority right now to COVID-related work but we are planning to expand to other topics in macroeconomics/finance as we move along. In our series we aim to emulate as much as possible the format of a regular seminar in order to maximize interaction between the speaker and the audience. 

Our webinars will be run on Webex. After subscribing, you will receive an invitation every week.  You can resend these invitations to whoever you may find convenient. When available, you could also find a link to the paper, slides, or both. The session will be open 15 minutes ahead the time scheduled for the webinar to begin.  A moderator who will run the webinar, and all participants except the speaker and moderator will have their camera and microphone off. When possible, webinars will be recorded and made available under the link indicated in our weekly invitation.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe: If you want to subscribe / unsubscribe, please send an email with the subject “SUBSCRIBE” / „UNSUBSCRIBE“ to

Past and upcoming webinars are listed here:

We hope to see you in our next webinar!

Sincerely yours,

Sofia Bauducco

Ernesto Pasten

Lucciano Villacorta