Call – “Challenges in Interconnected Financial Systems,” Riksbank, September 1-2 2016, Stockholm

Workshop on Challenges in Interconnected Financial Systems September 1-2, 2016 Sveriges Riksbank, Stockholm, Sweden Links between households, firms, and financial institutions help channel credit, reallocate capital, and share risks in the economy. At the same time, links can transmit, and even amplify, negative economic shocks throughout the financial system as a result of cross-holdings and […]

Conference Call – Macro-Financial Linkages and Current Account Imbalances, Vienna Hosted By: Oesterreichische NationalbankSponsored By: Deutsche Bundesbank,International Monetary Fund (IMF),Joint Vienna Institute Organizers: Raphael Auer, Elena Biewen, Sven Blank, Luis A. V. Catão, Philip R. Lane, Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti and Martin Summer Current account imbalances have been a central theme in the international policy debate and are often deemed as culprits in the […]