CEBRA’s 2020 Annual Meeting at LSE & Bank of England

This session was organized by the Sveriges Riksbank at LSE.

Parallel Session 3: Drivers and Dynamics of Inflation & The Macroeconomics of Climate Change, Session 28: The Challenges imposed by Climate Change

Chair: Conny Olovsson (Sveriges Riksbank), Tor Jacobson (Sveriges Riksbank)


“The Macroeconomic Effects of Carbon Taxes: The Role of Investment and Emission Rates Heterogeneity” Giuseppe Fiori (Federal Reserve Board) joint with Nora Traum

“Understanding Macro and Asset Price Dynamics During the Climate Transition” Steffen Hitzemann (Rutgers University) joint with Michael Donadelli and Patrick Grüning

 “The Rising Cost of Climate Change: Evidence from the Bond Market” Glenn Rudebusch (FRB San Francisco) joint with Michael D. Bauer

“Asset Pricing and Decarbonization: Diversification versus Climate Action” Rick van der Ploeg (University of Oxford) joint with Christoph Hambel and Holger Kraft