CEBRA’s 2020 Annual Meeting at LSE & Bank of England

This session was organized by the ABFER at LSE.

Parallel Session 1: Drivers and Dynamics of Inflation & The Macroeconomics of Climate Change, Session 6: Inflation Expectations and Household Consumption

Chair: Michael Weber (University of Chicago), Bernard Yeung (NUS Business School)


Rupal Kamdar (Indiana University, Bloomington) “Polarized Expectations” by Rupal Kamdar & Walker Ray

Ricardo Nunes (University of Surrey) “Inflation Expectations, Interest Rates, and Consumption Behavior” Ricardo Nunes & Donghyun Park

Dimitris Georgarakos (ECB) “Forward Guidance and Household Expectations” Dimitris Georgarakos, Michael Weber, Olivier Coibion & Yuriy Gorodnichenko

Yeow Hwee Chua (National University of Singapore) “Inflation Expectations of Households and the Upgrading Channel” Sumit Agarwal, Yeow Hwee Chua & Changcheng Song