CEBRA’s 2020 Annual Meeting at LSE & Bank of England 

This session was organized by the Bank of Japan 

Parallel Session 2: Monetary Policy, Frameworks and Communication, Session 16: New Theoretical and Empirical Frameworks of Monetary Policy Analysis 

Chair: Daisuke Ikeda (Bank of Japan)


“Digital Money as a Unit of Account and Monetary Policy” Daisuke Ikeda (Bank of Japan) 

“Monetary Policy, Redistribution, and Risk Premia” Moritz Lenel (Princeton University) joint with Rohan Kekre

“Forward Guidance with Life-Cycle Motives” Antoine Lepetit (Federal Reserve Board) joint with Elliot Aurissergues

“Output-Inflation Tradeoffs and the Optimal Inflation Rate” Willem Van Zandweghe (FRB Cleveland) joint with Takushi Kurozumi