CEBRA’s 2020 Annual Meeting at LSE & Bank of England 

This session was organized by the ECB – Directorate General Research

Parallel Session 2: Monetary Policy and Macro Finance, Session 24: Monetary Policy, Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability

Chair: Luc Laeben (ECB), Angela Maddaloni (ECB), Caterina Mendicino (ECB) 


“A Quantitative Analysis of the Countercyclical Capital Buffer” Miguel Faria-e-Castro (FRB St. Louis) Discussant: Ozge Akinci (FRB New York)

“Over-Saving and Financial Fragility” Davide Porcellacchia (ECB) joint with Agnese Leonello, Caterina Mendicino and Ettore Panetti Discussant: Thomas Eisenbach (FRB New York)

“The Zero Lower Bound and Financial Stability: A Role for Central Banks” Tatjana Schulze (University of Oxford) joint with Dimitrios Tsomocos Discussant: Daria Finocchiaro (Sveriges Riksbank)