AI is fundamentally changing banking and finance. To showcase the current state of research in this area, SUERF – The European Money and Finance Forum and UniCredit Foundation invite original research – theoretical or empirical, academic or policy-oriented – which studies the various applications and implications of “AI in banking and finance”.

Examples for relevant fields of research:

  • Existing and potential future use cases for AI and specifically GenAI in various business areas of banks and other financial firms
  • Research on the implications of AI, GenAI and Large Language Models for banks’ and other financial firms’ business, including the form how services are or will be provided, employment in the banking and finance industry, competition, profitability
  • Implications for customers (user experience, financial inclusion)
  • Implications for/challenges for data protection across multiple jurisdictions and in line with the upcoming European AI act
  • Implications for competition between banks and other financial firms across business areas and jurisdictions/markets
  • Implications for financial stability
  • Implications for banking and financial regulation and supervision
  • Case studies with holistic cost and benefit analysis

This list is non-exhaustive, other contributions fitting into the overall topic of the call for papers are welcome.

Formal Requirements and Procedure for Submissions

The SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize is open to authors and co-authors of any nationality born after 22 March 1984. Prizes of EUR 3,000 gross will be awarded to up to two outstanding papers on topics related to the call for papers. The winning authors agree to present their papers at a SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Conference to be held in Vienna (or in a webinar/e-conference) in 2024 – the event date will be announced by mid-May 2024.

Winning authors agree to provide a non-technical 5-10 page policy-oriented summary of their research findings for publication as a SUERF Policy Brief or Note. Applications should be submitted in English through the online submission form on the UniCredit Foundation website in PDF format by 22 March 2024. Applications must be accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae including the candidate’s/candidates’ date of birth and a copy of current identity documents that confirm the author’s/authors’ date(s) of birth and eligibility. The prize is open to papers that have been finalised within the last 12 months prior to the deadline for submissions. Full terms and conditions of entry can be downloaded from the SUERF and UniCredit Foundation websites.