August 30th – September 1st, 2023 // TUtheSky, TU Wien

Organized by TU Wien‘s (also known as the Vienna University of Technology) Economics Research Unit.

The TU Economics Research unit focuses on research in macroeconomics and related fields and is part of the Institute of Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation of TU Wien.

The conference is sponsored by the Oesterreichische Nationalbank and the City of Vienna.

Topic: “Expectations in Dynamic Macroeconomic Models”

The workshop aims to bring together leading experts in the modeling of expectations in dynamic models with applications including, but not restricted to macroeconomics, financial economics, labor markets, IO, theory, etc. This is a 2023 edition of the workshop under the same title that has been organized since 2011. We encourage junior economists to submit their research, they will also be eligible for funding. 

Deadline for submissions: May 21, 2023