Dear Members of the Central Bank Research Association,

Earlier this year, we announced our plans to launch a Research Program on the topic of “Monetary Policy and Macro Finance” (MPMF), which will bring together researchers with interests in the intersection of macroeconomics, monetary policy, and financial stability.

The MPMF program is launched by an exclusive founding committee consisting of Tobias Adrian, Alan Blinder, Claudio Borio, Markus K. Brunnermeier, James Bullard, Piti Disyatat, Hans Genberg, Seppo Honkapohja, Athanasios Orphanides, Frank Smets, John Taylor, Kazuo Ueda, and John Williams.

I am happy to announce that the founding committee has elected David Lopez-Salido as the Director of the MPMF program, who has accepted to serve in this position.

David combines experience in policy institutions on both sides of the Atlantic with a wide body of policy-relevant and outstanding research on macroeconomics, monetary policy and the interaction of monetary policy and financial stability.

He is currently an Associate Director in the Division of Monetary Affairs of the Federal Reserve Board, having previously held positions at the Research Department of the Bank of Spain, as well as a visitor positions at the ECB, the Bank of England, the Bank of Finland, NYU and Stanford University. He holds a PhD from CEMFI, Madrid.

He has an extensive list of publications in top academic journals including the American Economic Review, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Review of Economic Studies, the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, the Journal of Monetary Economics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, and the Journal of the European Economic Association among others. Currently, his publications have received over 8000 citations in Google scholar.

David will join Fabio Ghironi (Director of the ITM Program) and Galina Hale (Director of the IFM program) as CEBRA’s third program Director.  We all look forward to working with David.

Together with the MPMF founding committee and David, we will now proceed to elect the Advisory Committee supporting this program and we will start working on the first MPMF Annual Conference.


With kind regards,

Raphael Auer

President of the Central Bank Research Association