CEBRA’s mission is to encourage applied and theoretical research on topics relevant to central banks, financial regulators, international financial institutions, and fiscal authorities, as well as to connect the research staff of these institutions with academia. Currently, CEBRA connects researchers from around 60 central banks, IFIs, and academic institutions.


The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Central Bank Research Association took place in-person from 5-7 July 2023, at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (July 5) and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) (July 6-7) in New York City, USA. Co-organized with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Columbia SIPA, and the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research “Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe (SAFE)”

The 2023 Annual Meeting #CEBRA23 offered seven parallel session tracks featuring 39 sessions in total, covering a wide variety of policy relevant topics.  

The Scientific Committee was chaired by Linda Goldberg (Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Patricia Mosser (Columbia SIPA), Loriana Pelizzon (Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE), and Raphael Schoenle (Brandeis University and CEBRA).

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The Annual Meeting took place in-person from August 29-31, 2022 at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Ciutadella Campus, Barcelona, Spain, and was co-organized by Banco de Espana, the Barcelona School of Economics and the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research “Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe” (SAFE)

This year’s meeting featured a keynote address by Deputy Governor Margarita Delgado of the Banco de España and a high-level panel chaired by Jordi Galí (CREI, UPF, BSE) featuring Deputy Governor Martin Flodén (Sveriges Riksbank), Philip Lane (European Central Bank), and Diogo Abry Guillen (Central Bank of Brazil).

A special topic day on Central Banking and the Green Transition was showcased on Day 3 with a thought-provoking keynote by John Hassler (IIES-Institute for International Economic Studies), a presentation on Data gaps and the green transition by Raphael Auer (President, CEBRA & Head, BIS Innovation Hub Eurosystem Centre) as well as a topical panel discussion moderated by Romanos Priftis (ECB) including talks of Deputy Governor Margarita Delgado (Banco de España), Harrison Hong, (Columbia University) and Fernanda Nechio (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco).  Please click here for a program summary and detailed presentation schedule.



The 2021 Annual Meeting of the Central Bank Research Association took place virtually Wednesday through Friday, July 7-9, 2021, hosted by the MIT Golub Center for Finance and Policy and co-organized with the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE.

Parallel sessions featured 35 contributed sessions on a wide variety of policy-relevant topics. High-level panels featured James Bullard (President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis), Olli Rehn (Governor, Bank of Finland), Refet Gürkaynak (Bilkent University), Carmen Reinhart (World Bank), Paul Tucker (Harvard University), Bénédicte Nolens (BIS Innovation Hub), Henry Ohlsson (Riksbank), Zeti Aziz (formerly Bank Negara Malaysia), and Jim Cunha (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston).

The meeting commenced the morning of Wednesday, July 7 with two high-level panels, presentations on CBDC, a fireside talk with Ben Bernanke (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve), and the first round of parallel sessions. Another high-level panel took place on the 8th, along with a poster session, further parallel sessions, and the CEBRA Annual Assembly. The 9th concluded the program with three further parallel sessions.

The Scientific Committee was chaired by Deborah Lucas (MIT), Loriana Pelizzon (SAFE), and Athanasios Orphanides (MIT).

Watch the videos from the CEBRA 2021 Annual Meeting #CEBRA21

Featuring: Ben Bernanke (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve), James Bullard (President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis), Olli Rehn (Governor, Bank of Finland), Refet Gürkaynak (Bilkent University), Carmen Reinhart (World Bank), Paul Tucker (Harvard University), Bénédicte Nolens (BIS Innovation Hub), Henry Ohlsson (Riksbank), Zeti Aziz (formerly Bank Negara Malaysia), Jim Cunha (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston), plus others .



The full academic program can be accessed here

Watch Sessions from the 2020 Annual Meeting here

The Call for Papers can be found here

The 2020 Annual Assembly of the Central Bank Research Association took place virtually on 1st to 3rd September, 2020, as part of the virtual annual meeting, at the Center for Macroeconomics of the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and at the Bank of England. The meeting was co-organized in association with the Leibnitz Research Center SAFE.

The meeting commenced with a high-level policy discussion on Payment Systems and the Future of the International Monetary and Financial System. Minouche Shafik (LSE) delivered welcome remarks and Hyun-Song Shin (BIS) the keynote speech. Gita Gopinath (IMF), Philip Lane (ECB), Ricardo Reis (LSE), Hélène Rey (LBS), and Andrès Velasco (LSE) participated in a high-level panel.   The subsequent keynote speech was delivered by Ben Broadbent (BoE) who further organized a high level policy panel chaired by Andrew Haldane (BoE) and including Viral Acharya (NYU Stern), Diane Coyle (Cambridge), Darrell Duffie  (Stanford), and Andrès Velasco (LSE).

The main conference commenced on Wednesday 02 Sept and featured 35 contributed sessions on a wide variety of policy-relevant topics, assembled from over 705 high-quality submissions, making the meeting one of the most selective large conferences in the field of economics.

The scientific committee was chaired by Charlie Bean (LSE), Michael Kumhof (BoE), and Ricardo Reis (LSE).

Due to the virtual format, the 2020 annual meeting saw a record-breaking 829 registrations, compared to a previous record of 275 in 2019.


NEW YORK CITY, JULY 18-20, 2019

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA) took place at the Columbia SIPA on July 19-20.

The full program can be found here. 

Click here to view the Call For Papers.

The 2019 annual meeting commenced on Thursday, July 18 with a high-level policy workshop at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, featuring presentations by Nellie Liang and Jeremy C. Stein and a keynote talk by John C. Williams. 

The over 30 contributed sessions and further high-level panels took place on Friday and Saturday, July 19-20 at the Kellogg Center, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University. The Bank for International Settlements and Columbia University organised high-level panels. Contributed sessions were organised by Financial Stability Board, International Monetary Fund, Swiss National Bank, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Bank of Israel, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, European Central Bank, Sveriges Riksbank, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Norges Bank, Bank of Spain, Bank of Japan, Bank of Canada, Bank of Korea,Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Deutsche Bundesbank, Central Bank of Ireland, Columbia University, SAFE/Goethe University Frankfurt, Center for Economic Policy Research, Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research, and International Banking Research Network.
The scientific committee was chaired by Patricia Mosser, Takatoshi Ito, Stefanie Schmitt-Grohé, and Michael Woodford (all Columbia University)




OTTAWA, JULY 20-21, 2017

The 2017 annual meeting was hosted by the Bank of Canada and took place during July 20-21 in Ottawa, Canada. The 2017 meeting featured six sessions jointly organized by CEBRA and the Bank of Canada. Further, the meeting featured special sessions organized by the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, as well as an invited session organized by the National Bureau of Economic Research.


The 2016 annual meeting was hosted by the Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway) in Oslo, Norway.