Researcher / Consultant

Closing on: Dec 6, 2023
Job Categories: Research Senior Economist
Job Types: Full Time
Job Locations: Amsterdam

Focus on our core tasks as a researcher / advisor at DNB.

You have an impact

At DNB you work with an impact on financial stability and sustainable prosperity. The Risk Management & Strategy (RMS) department functions as the conscience of DNB, by advising the Supervisory Board and management on how to improve the quality of our core tasks. As a researcher / advisor on DNB’s core tasks, you and the team will take a constructive-critical approach to DNB’s core tasks from an independent role. You get a look behind the scenes and we use this to set tomorrow’s priorities!

This is how you do it as a researcher/adviser of DNB’s core tasks

At RMS we work from this question: ‘Is DNB doing the right things and is DNB doing those things well?’. We therefore work on the continuous improvement of our core tasks and organization. We do this from RMS with an objective view of the various parts of DNB. We largely conduct in-depth research into supervisory and central banking tasks. We always look at other aspects of this, for example at how DNB supervises financial institutions, or at DNB’s role in European banking supervision or at the effectiveness of our scientific research. We also look at our internal organization, for example by investigating how we can better organize our management. We use various means to this end. Consider desk research, conducting interviews, periodic stakeholder research and supervising lessons learned exercises. We support the organization in determining and realizing DNB’s strategic ambitions.

What exactly are you going to do?

  • You strengthen the quality of DNB’s core tasks by conducting independent studies, making recommendations and creating support for the outcomes through strong stakeholder management. 
  • You report to, among others, the supervisory board and management on the results of our investigations.  
  • You share lessons learned, good practices and points for improvement across DNB through reports and sessions with our internal stakeholders. 
  • As RMS, we work closely with many colleagues throughout the organization. Because you examine a different part of each project, the work is very varied. The aim is to improve DNB in ​​all areas. 

What is our colleague Birgit currently working on? 
“One of the investigations I am working on is the investigation into DNB’s supervision of a large insurer. The aim of the investigation is the core question of all RMS investigations: ‘is DNB doing the right things in its supervision of this insurer, and is it doing them well?’. Through desk research and interviews with several DNB employees involved, my direct colleagues and I have formed a picture of how this insurer is supervised. By asking increasingly specific sub-questions, it becomes increasingly clear which questions we want to investigate to answer that ‘one big question’. 

In this way we form a picture of what could be improved, but also of what is going well. In the meantime, we keep the division/team where we are conducting the research well informed of the progress by presenting and testing interim findings. We can learn lessons from the entire study to improve not only this specific part, but also other parts of DNB, for example.”

Here you do that

As a researcher/adviser of DNB’s core tasks, you work together in project teams within the RMS department. RMS consists of 12 driven employees who look at their own organization with a critical eye. A collegial team that operates within the entire organization and bears broad responsibility. A challenging environment with very good growth opportunities! Want to know more about RMS? Then listen to our podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts .

At DNB we work hybrid. Our office in Amsterdam is our home base, the place where we meet, where we share knowledge and work (together). At the same time, there is also plenty of room to choose a workplace and time where we can best do our work and where we can add as much value as possible. And of course we ensure that you can also work excellently at home with a laptop, telephone and a good home workplace design.

You bring this with you

You enjoy doing in-depth research and delving into new topics. You are able to provide well-motivated and critical advice to experts and management. Analytical talent and the ability to separate main and secondary issues are an absolute must. You also have clear, independent judgment and natural persuasiveness, with which you can bring about changes. You take initiative and are quality conscious. You are tactful and persistent and have connecting qualities. You are intrinsically motivated to understand and highlight improvement opportunities in the organization, even if this causes resistance.

What else are we looking for?

  • You have an academic master’s degree supplemented with at least 3 years of relevant work experience.
  • Knowledge of and experience with supervision of financial sectors (banks, insurers and pension funds) and/or monetary policy is an advantage. This also applies to relevant (policy) experience in this area and experience in writing policy texts.
  • Your communication skills are excellent, both oral and written and in both Dutch and English.

We offer you this

A 36-hour working week with work in the middle of financial and economic news. With a reliable and socially involved employer who continuously responds to the changing demands of our environment. And who continuously innovates. As an institution, we are at the center of society. Our people are driven and committed to their work within a social context. We see a diverse and inclusive working environment as one of the conditions for being successful as an organization and continuing to achieve our objectives. Curious about how we do this and what our colleagues think about this? Read and watch more here .

This offers you plenty of opportunities to deepen your knowledge and gain new experiences. In the Netherlands, but also abroad. You start with an annual contract, if you perform well and if the (organizational) circumstances do not change, there is a prospect of continuation.

The other good employment conditions associated with this position:

  • A salary of a minimum of €4,500 and a maximum of €7,000 gross per month, based on a 36-hour working week. The final classification depends, among other things, on your knowledge and experience.
  • A 13th month, 8% holiday allowance calculated over 13 months and a freely disposable personal budget of 5.9% of your 12-month salary.
  • Pension accrual based on average salary with conditional indexation. Personal contribution to the premium 6.68%.
  • A full reimbursement of your public transport travel costs for commuting or reimbursement of your travel costs with your own transport, in 2023 at € 0.21 per km and from 2024 at € 0.22 per km.
  • An internet allowance of €50 net per month.
  • Many opportunities to continue developing yourself through education and training, both professionally and personally.
  • A good balance between your professional and private life. In this position it is possible to work 4 days of 9 hours.


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