CEBRA’s Research Programs foster interaction among researchers at central banks, academic institutions, and other organizations on specific areas of research that are both academically relevant and of high policy interest.

CEBRA’s Research Programs fill a gap in the existing environment of research organizations by gathering both established and young researchers in policy relevant areas of research and providing a forum for interaction, development of ideas, and their dissemination. To fulfill this goal, each Program hosts an annual conference hosted by a central bank within the CEBRA network. By including both academics and researchers at central banks and other policy institutions and promoting their interaction, the Program seeks to pursue both excellence in cutting-edge research and its application to the most important policy-relevant questions.

At the current juncture, CEBRA hosts the following three Research Programs

International Trade and Macroeconomics Program (ITM)

The ITM Program brings together researchers with interests at the intersection of international trade and international macroeconomics. The Program Directors are Julian di Giovanni (Federal Reserve Bank of New York / Universitat Pompeu of Fabra) and Andrei Levchenko (University of Michigan).

International Finance and Macroeconomics Program (IFM)

The IFM program brings together researchers with interests in international finance and monetary economics. It encompasses empirical and theoretical analysis of issues related to international financial markets and institutions, international capital flows, and monetary policy spillovers and coordination. The Program Director is Galina Hale (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

Inflation: Drivers & Dynamics (IDD)

The IDD Program brings together researchers with interests in inflation and its underlying determinants. The Program Directors are Robert W. Rich (The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) and Raphael Schoenle (The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland / Brandeis University).

The Center for Inflation Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is the official sponsor of the Inflation: Drivers & Dynamics research program.