Inflation: Drivers and Dynamics (IDD)

The “Inflation: Drivers and Dynamics” (IDD) Program brings together researchers with interests in inflation and its underlying determinants. The goal of the program is to draw upon the expertise of academics and policymakers to improve our understanding of the  inflationary process, its welfare consequences and business cycle properties, and statistical methods that offer greater forecast accuracy.  A current focus of the program lies in the analysis of surveys to inform micro-founded models of consumer and firm behavior which are related to inflation, such as the formation of inflation expectations and the roles that inflation expectations play in the monetary transmission process.

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Indirect Consumer Inflation Expectations

Check out a novel measure of inflation expectations

Robert W. Rich


Senior Economic and Policy Advisor

Raphael Schoenle


Associate Professor of Economics

Advisory Commitee

Klaus Adam

University of Oxford, Deutsche Bundesbank, CEPR, CFS

Carlos Carvalho

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Luca Dedola

European Central Bank, CEPR

Yuriy Gorodnichenko

University of California Berkeley, NBER, IZA

Sarah Lein

University of Basel, CEPR, KOF ETH Zurich

Daniel Levy

Bar-Ilan University, Emory University

Lucrezia Reichlin

London Business School

Ricardo Reis

London School of Economics and Political Science

Barbara Rossi

ICREA-Univ. Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona School of Economics, and CREI

Michael Weber

University of Chicago Booth School of Business, CEPR

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