International Finance and Macroeconomics Program (IFM)

Call for papers for the seventh annual meeting of CEBRA’s International Finance and Macroeconomics program:

The IFM Program brings together researchers with interests in international finance and monetary economics. It encompasses empirical and theoretical analysis of issues related to international financial markets and institutions, international capital flows, and monetary policy spillovers and coordination. The IFM Program strives to bring together young as well as established researchers from the fields of international economics, finance, banking, and macroeconomics, to foster dialogue and collaboration on the topics of utmost policy relevance. By including both academics and researchers at central banks and other policy institutions and promoting their interaction, the Program seeks to pursue both excellence in cutting-edge research and its application to the most important policy-relevant questions.


Galina Hale


University of California, Santa Cruz | UCSC

Advisory Commitee

(Term 2021-2026)

Laura Alfaro

Harvard Business School

Stijn Claessens

Bank for International Settlements

Kristin J. Forbes

MIT Sloan

Linda Goldberg

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas

UC Berkeley

Takatoshi Ito

Columbia University

Philip Lane

Central Bank of Ireland

Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti

The Brookings Institution

Neeltje Van Horen

Bank of England

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